Healing Hearts of Waukesha County, Inc. (HHWC) is a community-based collaboration of organizations, faith-based institutions, businesses and individuals who are committed to supporting children and families experiencing grief.

HHWC offers a grief peer-support program. This program provides a safe place for participants to emotionally heal. Participants progress through the stages of grief guided by trained volunteers, facilitators and with the support of others in their small group.

What Do Kids Have to Say? . . .

 What would you tell a friend about Healing Hearts?

  • It helps you with your situation.
  • It’s awesome!
  • On your worst day, you can look forward to Healing Hearts. It gives you a bit of light.
  • Things kept deep inside can come up.
  • Even if you are having a bad day, you feel better.

What do you think about meeting in a group with kids who have a variety of situations going on; some kids have similar issues and some with different?

  • It is nice to know that you’re not going through situations alone.
  • Hearing others tell about their situations gives you a perspective on your own situations.
  • It is better to have all kinds of issues together than all the same issues because you focus on other people’s issues and it puts my issues in perspective.