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The Teen Peer Support Group
Teenagers healing together through their grief.

The Teen Peer Support Group brings together teenagers to heal through their grief.

Teens find great relief knowing they can share their story and their feelings with other teens in their peer group without judgment, embarrassment, or shame.  Teens experience life after loss in ways that are unique to them, and other teens in the group know what it’s like.   They ‘get it’.  

Experienced facilitators lead the groups and help teens learn about grief, express their own grief, and build confidence in themselves. 

Teenage years can be challenging, and the Teen Peer Group at Healing Hearts is a rare gift for those who’ve experienced a loss. 

Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to participate in separate parent/caregiver sessions with the others whose teens attend the Teen’s Peer Group. 

They learn together and move through their grief as a group, while better supporting their son or daughter outside of the group.  Experienced facilitators lead these sessions as parents and caregivers gain confidence to know their child is in good hands with Healing Hearts, just like they are.

For over a decade Healing Hearts of Waukesha County has served and supported those who grieve a loss.  Group programs are structured, reliable and led by trained, experienced facilitators.

All group programs are FREE OF CHARGE to attendees.

Group Meeting Dates and Times

Teen Peer Support

Monday evenings

6:00-7:30 pm

September 27 – December 13, 2021

First United Methodist Church 121 Wisconsin Ave., Waukesha


Parent/Caregiver Meetings occur simultaneously in breakout rooms


See what Teenagers and Parent/Caregiver say about their Peer Support Group:

  • My son has a lot more confidence”.
  • “My daughter is more open about her feelings and what she is dealing with.”
  • “It’s a place to take these feelings in a world that usually doesn’t want to hear about them.”
  • “School, friend problems, and anxiety are hard.  It’s nice to have this support when being a teenager.”
  • “Like me, with Healing Hearts, I saw my son go from an angry stage to a more peaceful stage.”